Companion Appreciation Day

The roads of Neverwinter can be empty sometimes. Everybody needs love, right? Companion Appreciation Day is on the way! February 14th 2018

Check facebook for more details closer to the above date

We will be giving away 3 as always!
All 3 come complete with traning manuals to level up quickly! Don’t miss your chance!

~Guild Leader, Azrikk

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Free Give Away Tonight!

Cavalry TyrannosaurThe Jungles of Chult isn’t a favorable place to be..It can be scary, full of monstas! Lamp Light has managed to tame a few of these beasts! Amoung them was a female Epic Cavalry Tyrannosaur, we named her Kibibbe. Tonight she will get a home.

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Lamp Light 1v1 Season 3 premier (October 21st 8pm)

Tonights Main Event! Azrikk vs Karn!

All are welcome to attend and watch as two guild mates fight in a duel like no other! [1v1 Season 3] begins tonight!

Bring your your friends and bring some ale! It’s gonna’ to be a cold night in Icewind Pass; An evening like no other!!
As 1v1 season, is at the door steps,.. Of every citizen in Care Konig. “Lets get ready to rummmbbaah” ~Azrik

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Companion Appreciation Day

To the Whispering Caverns she went, down the depths of the darkness. In search of a rare relic; The Thayan Book of the Dead!

“It is one of those lessons that every child in Neverwinter should learn: Don’t play with fire, sharp objects, or ancient artifacts.” ~Kazandra, of Baldur’s Gate: Vax

(Find just 1 book that no other guild member has found, and you will win a companion! (Limited to 3 Companions) The first to answer will also get, a brand new, never been used artifact… The ‘Thayan Book of the Dead’)

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Monday Night Domination!

It’s 1 v 1 Season (3) And that means it’s time to equip that pvp gear you’ve been dying to use!
Get some tenacity on your hero, Charge into the arena! They will remember our names!

Live Together, Die Together, Lamp Light Foreva!

Guild Leader, Karn

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Monday Night Ambush!

1 v 1 Season 3 has arrived! With it, MNA (Monday Night Ambush) and MND (Monday Night Domination)

For MNA we traverse the cold mountains and villages of Ice Wind Pass looking for bullies.

We do this as a unit. One guild member is the bait, he stands alone on a bridge awaiting a few trouble makers. The others hide behind a near by hilltop. Eventually an unsuspecting group will try to take advantage of our “lonely” guild mate.  And when they move to attack… We jump on em’!!   it is a rather risky endeavor and it only ends one way;.. With blood in the snow. Why do we do it? Well… It’s because we’re Lamp Light.

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