Journey Draft

The “Journey Draft” (code named “Half Draft”)

Ok here’s the plan, we scatter across the elemental camps to recruit new members. The reason why? By that level, players have a good grip on what is going on in Neverwinter. I’ve given this some thought and hope that it’ll work. Who ever recruits the most new members will get the Journeyman Trophy! And, a Runic Bag of Holding.

Good luck to all!

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Free Give Away!

At Lamp Light we like to help our lower level guild members evolve!

Today we’re giving away a free mount to a dedicated member who needs to get around a little faster.
We stick close together, and help eachother to level 70 and beyond. I hope this blog post encourges
the higher ranking officers to help out the little guys. We will build up our stronghold; together.
We will evolve; together!

We do this every month, so keep an eye out for guild members who may need a mount and report it to a guild general.

Guild Leader, Azrikk

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Discord (VoIP Application)

Wise men speak because they have something to say; And fools speak because they have to say something.
Either way we communicate using discord now. It allows us to fit many (Both wise and foolish) into one voice enabled chat room.

We are a user friendly guild, much like family; so download it when you have a moment, and join in on the fun!

Here is the link to our chat channel  https://discord.gg/67ZGEst

Guild Leader ~Azrikk

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Neverwinter Gift Card GiveAway

When The Lamp Light Guild first settled in Neverwinter a hatefull halfling told us we wouldn’t last a week.

We’ve come a long way from the week those words were whispered.

To celebrate our Two Year Anniversary we will be posting a word search puzzle on our facebook page tomorrow! If you are the first to finish the quest you will win a $20.00 Perfect World ‘Arc’ gift card! “Straight Up Zen!”


I Thank you all sincerely; Its been an amazing year once again,

Guild Leader ~Azrikk

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Bottoms Up!

We spend so much time, sweeping the stronghold, feeding the coffer, and tending the mill; that we forget we should take time to share a laugh and make some memories. That being said. Meet me at the Drift this Friday! Cheers!

Guild Leader ~Azrikk

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Companion Appreciation Day

We have three companions to give away tonight! All you have to do, is find one of the three Companion Upgrade tokens (that a guild member hasn’t already found) in the image above…Go!

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