Companion Adoption Day

Over the last few months we have found 5 stray companions in the streets of Neverwinter! They need a home! All day event (3/31/2017) If you see Azrikk at the stronghold you can adopt one for free!

Notable Mentions: Leucis, Demonia, Elwyn, Sikala Thank you for your donations

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Free Give Away!

At Lamp Light we like to help our lower level guild members evolve!

Today we’re giving away a free mount to a dedicated member who needs to get around a little faster.
We stick close together, and help eachother to level 70 and beyond. I hope this blog post encourges
the higher ranking officers to help out the little guys. We will build up our stronghold; together.
We will evolve; together!

Guild Leader, Azrikk

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Lamp Light Schedule Changes

In the begining we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off, but eventually made a schedule to follow, and a calendar to go with it!
For the first 2 years it served it’s purpose. Much has changed in Neverwinter and so we must change with it.

MND is no longer Monday Night Domination, it is now Monday Night Dungeons. We will now
get together on Mondays to do dungeons rather than pvp.

Dragon Run Sundays has been removed as we no longer farm the well of dragons together often and
we really started to attack the stronghold dragons more. We will now have “Guard Duty” on Saturdays,
where we should group up at the hold and take down the dragons as we make our rounds for the day.

This Companion Appreciation day is different.
We have had a very large amount of animals (and other things that are alive) dropped off at our door steps.
We havn’t had a companion contest in awhile so we need to find a home for these guys! Get ready for a big one.

We still have our monthly mount giveAway that is one thing that survived the changes.

And picture day is more important than ever as we have new content and new guild members.

See you all at the hold! ~Azrikk

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Companion Appreciation Day

Tis the season! And we’re givin away 3 companions! A Fawn, A Frozen Galeb Duhr, And An Epic Angel of Protection! All you have to do is be 1 of 3 guild members, to tell me how many yeti treat you find in the picture below. If you are precise, you win! Go!

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Spot The Guild Members

As we prepare for the cold in December; We remember the simpler times in Neverwinter. How many guild members can you find in this oil painting inspired art? Can you name them all? Art and Design by Azrikk


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